Scouting a Defense, Part Two: Finding Shots

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In part one of this series (Finding Yardage) we figured out how to find defensive weaknesses where teams allow lots of yardage without forcing turnovers. We also learned I deadlifted more than Jean-Phillipe Mateta, now we will move into where teams allow chances. Again this is what a base report on how opponents defend should generate, one click of a button and we know where teams are weak yardage wise and chance wise. We can slice this up into different segments of the game (early/late possession most importantly but also into different game states and time periods) but that will come later. We are just doing basic charts right now…and ok, maybe a few Bulgarian split squats and Turkish get-ups. Wouldn’t sound as raw and powerful if it was Danish split squats and Malawian get-ups for some reason. Anyway…

Now we will look at how often teams allow a shot within 10 seconds of a pass in a zone compared to league average. So even if a pass is incomplete, it could conceivably lead to a shot soon. Now this is simply shots, not xG, not goals. Let’s look at the maps:

Hertha don’t let you create right down the pipe but Lazaro’s side of the pitch is a good path if you want to get shots off.

As we saw in the previous article, Bayern are very gettable if you can get the ball deep. Here they don’t show great shot suppression ability in the left/center of the pitch as well.

Leverkusen have leaked shots all year, allowing 13 per game from just 45% opposition possession. They do oddly seem to shut you down in a pretty clearly specific part of the pitch, buildup should maybe be shunted to the attacking teams right side.

These two prep tools take minimal time to prepare and condense a ton of information (probably a good 5-6 hours of tape watching from an expert) into bite size packages that should be the base level of any sort of plan of attack going forward. We’ll dive further into phases of play and maybe try to combine the yardage/chance creation maps in further parts. Now to go to Bulgaria on one leg…

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